15 Largest German Companies by Revenue (2023)

In this article, we will take a look at 15 of the largest German companies by revenue. If you want to see more of the biggest German companies by revenue, go directly to 5 Largest German Companies by Revenue.

Like France is known for being a land of luxury powerhouses and beauty, Germany is known for being the land of great engineering and technological prowess. Many of Germany's leading companies are at the cutting edge of their fields and operate in either industry or technology.

Germany, as a country, is also a leading economic engine in both Europe and the world. In terms of its economy, Germany has a GDP of over $4.2 trillion in 2021 which accounts for almost one quarter of the EU's GDP. Given its population of over 83 million, Germany is Europe's largest consumer market, and the country also has high levels of productivity, good infrastructure, and a highly skilled labor force.

In terms of infrastructure, the German government plays an active part in helping build the most modern equipment. Recently, for example, the German government announced it would spend 6.3 billion euros or around $6.17 billion to help expand the country's electric car charging network. German transportation minister Volker Wissing said, “We are not just any automotive location, but a leading one in the world. And that’s why it’s important to us that what we’re preparing succeeds well. We need a forward-looking expansion of the nationwide charging infrastructure that meets demand and is user-friendly.” In terms of its EV infrastructure, Germany currently has around 70,000 charging points and the German government's goal is to have 1 million charging points by 2030.

The German government is also actively preparing its electric grid to handle the increased electric demand from EV charging. According to Germany's Federal Office for Motor Vehicles, 14.6% of all of Germany's newly registered vehicles were EVs.

Leading German Companies

Given Germany's strong car brands and the German government's active support of them, several of Germany's biggest companies by revenue are vehicle manufacturers.

Given Germany's economic size, many of the largest German companies by revenue also have sales of over $100 billion with the largest with sales of over $280 billion. Like leading American companies, many leading German companies do business globally.

2022 Headwinds

Due to the higher inflation and the natural gas cost increases due to the Russia Ukraine war, Germany's economic growth has slowed recently.

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After growing 2.7% in 2021, Germany's economy is expected to expand just 1.4% this year and decline 0.4% next year according to Germany's Economy Ministry in October. Inflation is also a problem as the German government expects inflation to average 8% this year and 7% next year.

Another headwind has been the Federal Reserve rate hikes. To control inflation in the United States, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates 5 times already this year. As a result, the fed funds rate is around 3% to 3.25% after being near 0.25% in the beginning of the year. According to some estimates, the federal funds rate could rise to 4.25% to 4.5% by the end of the year.

Given the increases in interest rates, economic growth could slow both in the United States and internationally. Given that Germany does a lot of trade with the United States and internationally, its economy is also affected by the increases in interest rates.

Although the German economy might slow late this year and next year, the German economy is still one of the strongest in all of Europe and its companies are among the most innovative. In the long term, there's a good chance that German companies will continue to be at or near the forefront of many leading tech and industrial sectors.

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For our list of 15 Largest German Companies by Revenue, we took the top 15 companies from companiesmarketcap.com's Top publicly traded German companies by revenue list.

(Video) German Companies vs Chinese Companies, Revenue Comparison (in Billions of Dollars), 1995-2021

For revenues of companies, we used companiesmarketcap.com's data which is generally the sum of the four quarters from Q2 2022 with the exception of Talanx and Daimler Truck, which companiesmarketcap.com uses a different method to calculate.

15. Daimler Truck

Revenue: $48.56 Billion

Daimler Truck, which manufactures commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, is a spin-off of Daimler AG in 2021. The company was spun off because, "Daimler Truck operates in an industry that is facing major technological and structural changes. Given this context, the company is now able to operate most effectively as independent entity, equipped with strong net liquidity and free from the constraints of a conglomerate structure."

In 2021, Daimler Truck benefited from the economic recovery from the pandemic and significantly increased its unit sales, revenue, and net profit. Sales were €39,8 billion in 2021, up 10% from the previous year, while the company's incoming orders were 590,000 units, up 37% year over year. Like other companies, Daimler Truck could potentially face some headwinds in 2023 if there is an economic recession.

According to companiesmarketcap.com's method, Daimler Truck had revenue of $48.56 billion, ranking it #15 on our list of 15 Largest German Companies by Revenue.

14. Talanx

Revenue: $49.49 Billion

Talanx is Germany's third largest insurance group by premium income. Based in Hannover, Talanx has operations in over 175 countries and provides insurance and reinsurance products. In the first six months of 2022, Talanx's gross written premiums rose 17.7% and its net premiums earned rose 16%. According to companiesmarketcap.com's method, Talanx has revenues of $49.49 Billion, ranking it #14 on our list of 15 Largest German Companies by Revenue.

13. EnBW Energie

Revenue: $51.55 Billion

EnBW Energie is a German utility that mainly supplies power and gas to Baden-Wuerttemberg, a German state that's the home to companies like Mercedes-Benz and Prosche AG. Given Russian Ukraine war, EnBW Energie's results in 2022 have declined due to lower gas flows this year and increased costs. Nevertheless, EnBW Energie is still one of the largest German companies by revenue with sales of $51.55 billion.

In terms of its Q2 2022, EnBW Energie CFO Thomas Kusterer said,

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"EnBW’s integrated portfolio approach across the entire energy value chain and our solid internal financing capability ensure stability. Against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, we are sticking to our strategic lineup and our climate targets."

12. Bayer

Revenue: $53.66 Billion

Bayer is a leading life science company based in Germany with a Pharmaceutical division and a consumer health division. For its pharmaceutical division, Bayer researches, develops, and markets prescription products and therapeutics in fields such as cardiology, oncology and gynecology. In terms of its revenue, Bayer had sales of $53.66 billion for the last four quarters from Q2 2022.

11. Munich RE (Münchener Rück)

Revenue: $73.04 Billion

Munich RE (Münchener Rück) is a leading provider of reinsurance, primary insurance as well as insurance related risk solutions in the world. Based in Germany, Munich RE (Münchener Rück) has 142 years of risk expertise and 39,281 employees at the end of 2021. In terms of its stock in Euros, Munich RE (Münchener Rück) has performed relatively well, with shares up 39.1% in the last 5 years and down only 2.1% year to date despite all the headwinds.

10. Siemens

Revenue: $76.60 Billion

Siemens is a German tech company that focuses on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare.The company recently made news when it signed a deal to supply equipment and technology for EV battery plants for a joint venture between Stellantis, Mercedes Benz and TotalEnergies. As a company, Siemens has substantial scale given its revenue of $76.6 billion in terms of the last four quarters from Q2 2022.


Revenue: $94.98 Billion

With around 111,000 employees and customers in nearly every sector and country in the world, BASF is the largest chemical company in the world. The Germany based company generated €78.6 billion in sales in 2021 and even more in terms of the cumulative revenue of the company's last four quarters from Q2 2022.BASF operates in six segments including chemicals, materials, industrial solutions, surface technologies, nutrition & care, and agricultural solutions.

8. Deutsche Post

Revenue: $100.04 Billion

(Video) German, French, Italian and British Companies Compared by Revenue in Billions of Dollars, 1995-2021

Deutsche Post is a German based provider of postal services. In October, the company said it will hike its full year guidance when it reports third quarter results on November 8. Deutsche Post's results have strengthened as e-commerce shipments have increased and capacity bottlenecks in the ocean and air freight have decreased. Given the slowing economy, however, the company could face headwinds in the near term.

7. E.ON

Revenue: $107.92 Billion

E.ON is Europe's largest operator of energy networks and energy infrastructure with around 51 million customers. In terms of its metrics, E.ON has 72,000 employees, a regulated asset base of €35 billion, 1.6 million kilometers of energy networks, and also an adjusted EBITDA of €7.9 billion. The company is also driving forward to the energy transition in Europe. CEO Leonhard Birnbaum said on the green transition, "E.ON will now launch a comprehensive growth and investment offensive to establish a zero-carbon energy world. In 2030, E.ON will be bigger, greener, more digital, and more diverse."

6. Deutsche Telekom

Revenue: $124.35 Billion

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading telecom companies with around 248 million mobile customers, 22 million broadband lines, and 26 million fixed-network lines. Deutsche Telekom is also global, with operations in over 50 countries and a staff of 216,500 at the end of 2021. In terms of sales for the last four quarters from Q2 2022, Deutsche Telekom had revenue of $124.35 billion, ranking it #6 on our list of 15 Largest German Companies by Revenue.

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What is Germany's biggest company? ›

Largest companies by market capitalization in Germany 2022

SAP was the leading company in Germany by market capitalization as of November 2022, with approximately 127.2 billion U.S. dollars.

What are 5 German companies? ›

Well-known international brands include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, SAP, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Allianz, Adidas, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank and Bosch.

Which German company is best? ›

  • ZF Friedrichshafen. ...
  • Fresenius. ...
  • SAP. ...
  • Hapag-Lloyd. ...
  • Deutsche Bank. ...
  • Metro AG. ...
  • RWE Group. RWE AG is a German multinational energy company headquartered in Essen. ...
  • Ceconomy. Ceconomy AG is an international retail company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

How many Fortune 500 companies are there in Germany? ›

This list displays all 29 German companies in the Fortune Global 500, which ranks the world's largest companies by annual revenue.

What is the top 5 companies of Germany? ›

15 Largest German Companies by Revenue
  • EnBW Energie. Revenue: $51.55 Billion. ...
  • Bayer. Revenue: $53.66 Billion. ...
  • Munich RE (Münchener Rück) Revenue: $73.04 Billion. ...
  • Siemens. Revenue: $76.60 Billion. ...
  • BASF. Revenue: $94.98 Billion. ...
  • Deutsche Post. Revenue: $100.04 Billion. ...
  • E. ON. ...
  • Deutsche Telekom. Revenue: $124.35 Billion.
23 Oct 2022

What are Germany's three largest industries? ›

Germany's principal industries include machine building, automobiles, electrical engineering and electronics, chemicals, and food processing.

What are the major German companies? ›

The five largest publicly traded German companies by turnover:
  • Volkswagen. With its twelve brands, this automobile manufacturer is the undisputed number one among the largest German companies. ...
  • Daimler. ...
  • Allianz. ...
  • BMW. ...
  • Siemens.
17 Jun 2019

What are Germany's top 10 exports? ›

Germany's Top 10 Exports
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $83.8 billion (5.2%)
  • Plastics, plastic articles: $76.3 billion (4.7%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $43.3 billion (2.7%)
  • Articles of iron or steel: $33.9 billion (2.1%)
  • Other chemical goods: $32.9 billion (2%)
  • Iron, steel: $32.7 billion (2%)
15 Nov 2022

What is Germany famous for? ›

Germany is well known for many things. It has a strong economy, it is the birthplace of classical music and philosophy, it has a rich culture, and it is known for its scenic beauty. Additionally, Germany is known for its engineering and automotive industry, as well as its precision manufacturing.

What is the most respected job in Germany? ›

The greatest demand in Germany is for the following professions:
  • Doctors. Doctors in private medical institutions have a high salary. ...
  • IT specialists. Today, IT professionals are popular in almost all European countries. ...
  • Engineers. ...
  • Lawyers. ...
  • Economists and top managers. ...
  • Handymen. ...
  • Cleaning. ...
  • Care for the elderly.
5 May 2022

What are the strongest industries in Germany? ›

Largest economy in the European Union. Germany's main exports are cars, machinery, chemicals, computers, and electronics. 11th in the Index of Economic Freedom, 2022. 27% GDP growth in 2021.

Which is number 1 company in world? ›

World's Top 25 Largest Companies
RankNameRevenue USD millions
2State Grid$348,903
4China National Petroleum$326,008
46 more rows

Who is Germany's richest family? ›

As of November 2022, Beate Heister and Karl Albrecht Jr., the owners of the supermarket chain Aldi (in Germany Aldi Süd), were the wealthiest Germans, based on a ranking by Forbes. Dieter Schwarz (owner of the Schwarz-Gruppe) and Klaus-Michael Kühnecame in second and third place respectively.

What is Germany's main source of income? ›

Economy of Germany
Average gross salary€4,168 monthly (2021)
Average net salary€2,647 monthly (2021)
Main industriesIron steel coal cement chemicals machinery vehicles machine tools electronics automobiles food and beverages shipbuilding textiles
Ease-of-doing-business rank22nd (very easy, 2020)
39 more rows

How much income is rich in Germany? ›

60.000 euros a year in Germany is considered a good gross salary as it is well above the average salary of 47.700 euros a year for the whole country. Most Germans who earn 60.000 euros or more are very happy with their salary.

Which industry is booming in Germany? ›

Industrial Production

Germany is the world's leading machinery and equipment manufacturer and the preferred location for investors looking to produce in Europe. It is also Europe' top location for electronics or chemical production.

What are the most profitable businesses in Germany? ›

The 57 Most Profitable German Companies
RankCompanyProfits ($bil)
2Deutsche Bank6.93
4RWE Group4.98
53 more rows
16 May 2010

What is the biggest factory in Germany? ›

The Wolfsburg Volkswagen Factory is the worldwide headquarters of the Volkswagen Group, and one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world, in terms of area at just under 6.5 million m² (70 million sq ft).

What is the 2 main product of Germany? ›

Trade In August 2022, the top exports of Germany were Pharmaceutical products (€9.92B), Motor cars and motor caravans (€9.81B), Chassis, bodies, engines etc. for motor... (€6.84B), Machinery for electricity production, distribution (€6.6B), and Other machinery (€4.75B).

What is Germany's biggest export? ›

Current news
  • Current news. The main German export product: motor vehicles. ...
  • The People's Republic of China is again Germany's main trading partner. According to final results, goods worth 246.5 billion euros were traded between Germany and the People's Republic of China in 2021 (exports and imports). ...
  • Changes as of 2022.

Which sector of Germany's economy had the highest? ›

The services sector is the largest in Germany and has been generating a steady share of around 60 percent of gross domestic product since 2007.

How many German companies are listed? ›

Germany Number of Listed Companies: All Exchanges data was reported at 12,801.000 Unit in Aug 2022. This records a decrease from the previous number of 12,828.000 Unit for Jul 2022.

What is the biggest company in Europe? ›

Largest European companies by revenue
1ShellUnited Kingdom and Netherlands
2BPUnited Kingdom
4Vitol GroupNetherlands
91 more rows

What are German companies called? ›

GmbH is an abbreviation of the German phrase “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung,” which means "company with limited liability." It's a suffix used after a private limited company's name in Germany (versus AG, which is used to indicate a public limited company).

What is Germany's biggest food export? ›

The German agricultural and food industries are well positioned internationally: Germany has for many years been the world's third largest overall exporter of agricultural goods and the No. 1 exporter of confectionery, cheese, pork and agricultural technology.

Which country buys the most German cars? ›

German car brands are known and exported the world over. China was the leading importer of motor vehicles from Germany, followed by the U.S. and UK. Leading importers in Europe include France, Italy and the Netherlands.
CharacteristicExport value in million U.S. dollars
12 more rows
27 Jul 2022

Why is Germany called Germany? ›

The root of the name is from the Gauls, who called the tribe across the river the Germani, which might have meant “men of the forest” or possibly “neighbor.” The name was anglicized by the English when they made a small adjustment to the ending of Germany to get Germany.

What are 5 facts about Germany? ›

But for now, here are bits for you to chew on.
  • The largest train station in Europe is in Berlin.
  • Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris.
  • There are more than 20,000 castles in Germany.
  • Germany is the EU's largest economy.
  • German is the third most widely taught language in the world.
  • The German language has 35 dialects.
2 Jul 2022

Is Germany powerful? ›

The most powerful nations in the world shape global economic patterns, maintain a strong military, and establish foreign policies whose effects reverberate all around the world.
Most Powerful Countries 2022.
Power Rank4
GDP$3.86 Tn
GDP per Capita$46,468
2022 Population83,369,843
76 more columns

What is a good German salary? ›

A good salary in Germany not only depends on your lifestyle but also on where you live as the cost of living differs from city to city. A good annual gross salary in Germany is between €64,000 to €81,000. But most Germans who earn a yearly gross salary of €60,000 and above are happy with their salary.

Which skills are in shortage in Germany? ›

Top 5 skill shortage sectors in Germany for 2022
  • Medical and healthcare service professionals.
  • Engineering professionals (mechanical, automotive, and electrical engineering), software development/programming, supply and waste management, STEM-related fields.
  • Electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, toolmakers welders, etc.
7 Mar 2022

What jobs are in shortage in Germany? ›

According to a survey, skilled workers in construction and skilled trades, with a total of 349,275 jobs available and technical specialists (282,941 jobs), are in demand in the German labour market. In the previous years, these two groups represented 36.6 per cent of the published and evaluated job offers in July 2022.

Why Germany is so powerful? ›

German power rests primarily on the economy, healthcare, natural resources, education, and EU-NATO membership. However, it did not have a large military or land area that limited German power; these factors helped Germany become an important country today and a leader in most European countries.

Why is Germany so successful? ›

In the business world, it is well known that Germany has a strong economy and worldwide trading reputation, but why is this? The German economy's competitiveness and worldwide networking can be attributed to its elevated level of innovation and strong export orientation.

Why is Germany so good at industry? ›

The Realschule prepares students to be skilled and highly productive workers, typically in a manufacturing company. The pragmatic and skills-oriented training and education of workers gets a real boost from Germany's unique apprentice system, where on the job training is combined with more formal classroom teaching.

What are the 5 largest industries in the world? ›

Global Biggest Industries by Employment in 2022
  • Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturing. 17,518,424.
  • Global Commercial Real Estate. 17,164,710.
  • Global Fast Food Restaurants. 13,458,146.
  • Global HR & Recruitment Services. 11,988,376.
  • Global Apparel Manufacturing. ...
  • Global Hotels & Resorts. ...
  • Global Coal Mining. ...
  • Global Tourism.

What is the 10 biggest company in the world? ›

This can lower or even outweigh potential returns.
  • #1 Walmart Inc. (WMT)
  • #2 China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (SNP)
  • #3 Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN)
  • #4 PetroChina Co. Ltd. (PTR)
  • #5 Apple Inc. (AAPL)
  • #6 CVS Health Corp. (CVS)
  • #7 Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDS. A)
  • #8 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK. A)

What is the strongest company in the world? ›


Where do the rich live in Germany? ›

Hamburg has the highest density of millionaires and its vast corporations in the media, entertainment and commercial industry have established a strong economy. Therefore, the costs of living in Hamburg is just as high as in Munich and 9% higher than in Berlin.

Who is the youngest billionaire in Germany? ›

A 20-year-old German citizen Kevin David Lehmann is the world's youngest billionaire with a net worth of $1.7 billion. He has received the stakes in the German drugstore chain dm (drogerie markt) from his father, Guenther Lehmann.

Who is the richest German woman? ›

Susanne Klatten

Is Germany a rich or a poor country? ›

Would you rather be rich in a poor country or poor in a rich one? Measuring how rich a country is not that easy (spoiler: it is not just about GDP).
RankCountryGDP-PPP ($)
141 more rows
1 Aug 2022

What are Germany's weaknesses? ›

  • Declining working population from 2020 onwards, despite immigration.
  • Low bank profitability.
  • Strong dependence on international energy imports (e.g. 39% of all German gas imports come from Russia)
  • Prominence of the automotive and mechanical industries, particularly in exports (30% of total exports in 2020)

Is Germany wealthy or poor? ›

In 2021, Germany was ranked the 20th richest country in the world, measured by GDP per capita. This means that if you add up the value of all the goods and commodities produced in a country and divide the figure by the number of inhabitants, you get $50,700 (€52,200) per person per year in Germany on average.

What is the top 1% in Germany? ›

To reach the top 1 percent of earners, you would need a monthly take-home salary of 7.190 euros. This is equivalent to an annual net income of almost 86.000 euros, after taxes, or an annual gross salary of around 150.000 euros.

What is middle class salary in Germany? ›

According to calculations by the Institute of the German Economy (IW), this was between €1,700 to €3,100 ($1,650 - $3,000) net income per month for a single person in 2019, and €3,540 to €6,640 net household income for a couple with two children.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Germany? ›

You will need around 934 euros a month to cover your living expenses in Germany as of 2022. On average, to cover your living expenses in Germany you will need around 934 euros per month (around $906 US dollars) or 11,208 euros per year (around $10,876 US dollars).

What is the #1 largest company in the world? ›

This list comprises the world's largest companies by consolidated revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 2022 rankings. American retail corporation Walmart has been the world's largest company by revenue since 2014.

What is Germany's global company? ›

International companies like Adidas, Allianz, BMW, E. ON, Puma, Siemens and Volkswagen were founded in Germany and continue to have their headquarters there.

What is Germany's largest export? ›

Current news
  • Current news. The main German export product: motor vehicles. ...
  • The People's Republic of China is again Germany's main trading partner. According to final results, goods worth 246.5 billion euros were traded between Germany and the People's Republic of China in 2021 (exports and imports). ...
  • Changes as of 2022.

What are the 7 big companies? ›

What Are the Biggest Companies in the World by Revenue?
  • Walmart (WMT) - $576 billion.
  • Amazon (AMZN) - $486 billion.
  • Petro China (PTR) - $443 billion.
  • Saudi Aramco (2222.SR) - $394 billion.
  • Apple, Inc. ( AAPL) - $388 billion.

Why are so many companies based in Germany? ›

Significant spending power, the spirit of innovation, its location at the heart of a dense transport network in the centre of Europe and highly skilled workers – all of these are benefits offered by Germany as a business location.

Which industries are booming in Germany? ›

Industrial Production

Germany is the world's leading machinery and equipment manufacturer and the preferred location for investors looking to produce in Europe. It is also Europe' top location for electronics or chemical production.

How Germany is so rich? ›

Most of the country's exports are in engineering, especially machinery, automobiles, chemical goods and metals. Germany is a leading producer of wind turbines and solar-power technology.

How powerful is Germany today? ›

Today, Germany is still a superpower. It has a very strong economy and can compete with other countries. The country has a high life expectancy and is well educated. This makes Germany one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Why Germany economy is so strong? ›

In the business world, it is well known that Germany has a strong economy and worldwide trading reputation, but why is this? The German economy's competitiveness and worldwide networking can be attributed to its elevated level of innovation and strong export orientation.


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