Naver Account - How to Create a Naver Account? (2023)

Naver Account - How to Create a Naver Account? (1)

South Korean online marketing is quite different from that of most of the world. Whereas Google dominates most of the world, Naver has been able to hold its position as the top online marketing platform in South Korea. Naver is a search engine, but it also offers many other services such as blogging, eCommerce, and video.

Naver’s strong focus on user experience and account versatility has helped it become the top online marketing platform in South Korea. If you’re looking to market your business in South Korea, creating a Naver account is a must.

Do you want to create a Naver account? This can be a great way to improve your online experience in South Korea. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of creating a Naver account. We will also discuss some of the benefits of having a Naver account. Let’s get started!

What Is Naver?

Naver, South Korea’s largest portal site, has attracted a large number of users since its debut in 1999. Naver is a popular South Korean website that provides several services and information to its users. Naver Knowledge IN, Naver Blog, Naver Café, and Naver Webtoon are just a few of the popular offerings on the site.

Even though Naver used to dominate South Korean online activity, it has global competitors entering the market. The company is still the top search engine in South Korea, with more than 50% of the market share. Naver has also expanded its services beyond a simple web portal to include e-commerce, news, and cloud computing. Read our guide on Naver for more information on Naver products.

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Why Do We Have to Create a Naver Account?

Naver is a popular search engine and portal in South Korea. It’s used by many Koreans as their primary source of online information. To get the most out of Naver, it’s important to have a Naver account. With a Naver account, you can access all of Naver’s features, including its powerful search engine, and other products like Naver Cafe, Naver Pay, Naver Map, and more.

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Online Shopping Platform

In the past few years, Naver’s “Smart store” has become South Korea’s most popular online shopping destination, thanks to its digital wallet service. Customers who use Naver Pay can earn huge shopping reward points from the online wallet system. Customers may redeem their rewards the next time they go online shopping or utilize Naver’s other services, such as online music and video. The smart store has over 800 million goods and over 3.2 million merchants utilizing the platform to sell items as of this writing.

Search Engine Tool

Naver’s search engine results page (SERP) offers a wide range of material and search categories, all related to Naver’s various services. The search tool allows users to filter their searches by using different criteria, such as specific time, keywords, and advanced search options. The order of the categories may vary depending on the users’ search history and search terms. The search box may also offer topic suggestions based on the search query, as well as various top searches lists.

Membership Program

Naver launched Naver Plus, a membership program for businesses using the Naver Pay feature, to help them grow. Naver Pay is a mobile payment service that aims to help businesses and their services grow. Customers who use Naver’s services may join the membership for a monthly price of 4,900 won (about $4) and collect reward points earned through Naver Pay or Naver Bankbook transactions. Retailers who use Naver’s services can also join the membership, which would boost the visibility of their product in search results and allow customers to collect more pay points through purchases.

Naver Korean Dictionary and Translator

The Naver Korean Dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary that includes over 20 million entries. The Naver translator app is one of the first Korean translation programs available on the web, which offers the most accurate and thorough Korean to English and English to Korean translations. The translator is also one of the most frequently used programs. The homepage offers grammar pointers, idioms, words-of-the-day, as well as daily Korean conversations. The program also allows users to record their voice and then translate it immediately into text.

Step by Step on How to Create Naver Account

To gain access to Naver’s features and services, you’ll need a Naver Account. Naver is not only Korea’s most popular search engine, but it’s also home to a few other important services such as email, Drive, Maps, News, Shopping, Blogs, and others.

Creating your Naver Account

Creating a Naver account is simple and it follows the same procedure for any device; PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile. All you need to have is a working phone number. Here’s a step-by-step process of creating a Naver account.

Step 1 – Go to

The first step is to open Naver in your internet browser. If you are using a smartphone, you can download the Naver app and open it.

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Step 2 – Click on Sign Up

Since you do not have an account yet, in the login box you have to click the Sign-Up button. However, there are several options for signing up for a Naver account: direct, Facebook and Line.

Direct Account Registrations

This is creating a new Naver account which is discussed here.

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Facebook Account

You can create a Naver account using your Facebook credentials. You can log in to your already existing Facebook account and create a Naver account automatically.

Line Account

Just like a Facebook account, you can create a Naver account with your Line account credentials.

Step 3 – Confirm the User Agreement

Then you will be taken to the terms and conditions sections on Naver. There are four options that need your consent. Terms of service and privacy policy are compulsory to agree to while user location and promotional content are optional. After your selection click Confirm.

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Step 4 – Fill Out the Information

Then, you will be taken to a form to fill out your information. This is a necessary step to create your Naver account.


Create a user name that has 5 to 20 characters consisting of lowercase letters (a-z), numbers, or special characters (_, -). This has to be a unique name or you would not be able to register.

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Next, you need to create a password containing 8 to 16 characters consisting of letters (A-Z, a-z), numbers, or special characters. Then, you have to enter it again to confirm. Make sure that you remember this as you need it to login in the future.

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Personal Information

Now that you have created your username and password, you have to complete your other personal details. You have to enter your name, date of birth (DOB), and gender.

Email Recovery

This is optional, but it is advisable to enter a recovery email address just in case.

Mobile Phone

To enter your mobile phone number. For foreign internet users, first, select the relevant country code from the drop-down menu. Then enter your phone number manually.

Mobile Verification code

After entering the phone number, click Send Code which will send a verification code to the number you entered. Once you receive the code, enter it in the next field and select the Sign-Up button.

What Can You Do With Your Naver Account?

Naver account holders can enjoy a variety of services, including Naver search, Naver TV Cast, Naver Map, Blog, Cafe, Post (mobile blog), Modoo, shopping, email, dictionary, Papago, webtoons, news, and more. Naver is one of the most popular search engines in South Korea, so having a Naver account is essential for anyone living or traveling in the country.

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With Naver TV Cast, users can watch their favorite shows, Naver Map can be used to find places around you, Naver Music allows users to listen to songs on Naver while they are browsing the internet, and Naver Blog is a blog platform where Naver members can write their own blogs. Naver Mail is Naver’s email service that has more than 17 million users. Naver Dictionary, Naver Papago (translation), and Naver Encyclopedia are useful tools for anyone living in Korea or learning Korean as a second language.

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About Naver Email

Just like any other email service Naver also provides you with a free Naver account that can be used to send and receive emails from anyone in the world. Naver Mail is one of the most widely used email services in South Korea, and it’s simple enough for non-Korean speakers to use as well.

Other Naver Features

Naver offers a variety of services, including a search engine, news, messaging, and other services. Naver also has features that are unique to the Korean market, such as Naver Cafe, Naver Blog, and Naver Pay.

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Naver Cafe

Naver Cafe is a Naver-hosted service that allows users to create their own online communities. It is somewhat similar to Facebook but more popular in South Korea than it is. One user can establish up to 300 cafés.

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Naver Blog

Naver Blog is a Naver service that allows users to create and upload their own content to the internet. It can be used for writing personal blogs but it is also popular among businesses as a marketing tool.

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Naver Pay

Naver Pay is a mobile financial service that allows Naver users to send or receive money and pay merchants via Naver accounts. Naver Pay can be used for online shopping, in-store shopping, in-app payments, peer-to-peer payments, and donations on Naver apps. Naver Pay is available for Android and iOS devices. Naver account holders can use Naver Pay to link their bank accounts, credit cards, or Naver points.

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Naver Knowledge IN

Naver Knowledge IN is a Naver portal service that offers various information and services. It provides a vast amount of information on different topics, including education, lifestyle, travel, and more. Users can ask questions and other users will provide answers. Naver Knowledge IN is a great resource for finding information on anything and everything. It is, in fact, the forerunner to Yahoo! Answers.


Naver is a great platform for finding information on all sorts of topics. It’s also a great place to communicate with others and share your thoughts and experiences. Creating a Naver account is easy, and you can be up and running in no time. A Naver account gives you access to many other services like Blog, Cafe, Pay, and Knowledge IN. If you are planning to visit South Korea or trying to enter the South Korean market, this is a great way to get insight into what is happening there. In this blog post, we explained how to create a Naver account and other services that come with it. We hope you found it helpful.

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Can foreigners have a Naver account? ›

Users categorized as foreigners may be partially restricted from using NAVER's services (e.g., AdPost). If you are currently residing in Korea, please check the guidelines above to resolve the issue. You must attach a copy of a valid passport or driver's license issued overseas.

Can non Koreans use Naver? ›

In order to gain full access to Naver's services, the platform requires users to verify their identities. You will need a phone number that is connected to a valid ARC. As a result, visitors to Korea will not be able to get Naver Pay.

How can a foreigner verify a Naver account? ›

Choose your telecom provider, fill in your phone number and then click on the “인증” (certification) button to request a verification code which will be sent through a text message. Input the verification code into the “Certification Number” box and click “확인” (Confirm). You're done!

Can foreigners set up Naver Pay? ›

Keep in mind that Naver Pay is not currently available for foreigners who do not live in South Korea.

Can Americans use Naver Pay? ›

However, there are a few ways for foreigners to use Naver Pay and Kakao Pay without a Korean bank account or phone number. For example, foreign visitors can link their credit cards to a Naver or Kakao account, or use a prepaid card that can be purchased at convenience stores.

Can I set Naver in English? ›

Even though the default language of Naver is Korean, you can now go to the Naver website and select “English” from the top menu bar.

How can I watch Naver in USA? ›

How to Watch Naver TV Outside Korea Using a VPN
  1. Sign up with a VPN provider (preferably ExpressVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on the device you stream Naver TV on.
  3. Launch the application and sign in.
  4. Connect to a Korean VPN server to get a Korean IP address.
Jun 19, 2020

Is a Naver account free? ›

With a Naver Account, you get a generous 30 GB of storage to use freely (compared to the 15GB in Google Drive), with the possibility to extend up to 80GB in exchange for a premium.

Do Koreans use Naver instead of Google? ›

The top search engine in South Korea is Naver, which has a 51% market share, followed by Google at 41%. This advantage could be because Naver remains heavily focused on the Korean market while Google is a global search platform.

Can you make a Naver account without phone number? ›

Using SMS activation services to register a Naver account without phone number. The procedure of using a virtual number for sign-up hardly differs from creating a mail address using a usual SIM-card.

Why can't i verify my Naver account? ›

Why can't I receive a verification code? Please check if your spam blocker (APP) filtered the SMS. (NAVER's SMS sender number is 1588-3820, which is our official help center number.) We don't send a verification code to virtual phone numbers.

How do I verify my Naver account? ›

- Verify your identity with your mobile phone number you have registered in your account information. - Verify through your email address. 3. Check the ID you used to sign in to NAVER after verifying your identity with the verification method you have chosen.

How to send money to Korea from us? ›

  1. Wise.
  2. Western Union.
  3. Remitly.
  4. WorldRemit.
  5. MoneyGram.
  6. Skrill.
  7. Paysend.
  8. Remitly vs Wise.

What country uses Naver? ›

NAVER Corp. is a global ICT company, providing South Korea's number one search portal "NAVER" and its subsidiaries and affiliates provide services, including LINE messenger, SNOW camera app, digital comics platform NAVER WEBTOON, group social media platform, NAVER BAND, and metaverse platform ZEPETO.

Does Naver now have an app? ›

Watch NOW. original shows and content all in one place. Enjoy live shows with K-pop artists, chat real-time, and engage with the community of your favorite shows! Explore a new experience of live content with us NOW.!

How do I use Naver app in English? ›

First, go to the Naver website and click on the flag in the top right corner of the page. This will open up a drop-down menu with all of the available languages. Click on English to change it to that language.

Which app is mostly used in Korea? ›

KakaoStory. Of course Kakao, the most popular messaging app in Korea would have it's own version of Instagram.

What can I use in Korea instead of Google? ›

Naver is basically the Google of South Korea. Of course, South Korea has Google as well, but Naver operates in much the same way. The company has a range of different search engines (Blog Search, News Search), Knowledge In (similar to Yahoo Answers), as well as popular products Naver Cafe, LINE, and BAND.

What is Korean Naver app? ›

July 2022) Naver (Hangul: 네이버) is a South Korean online platform operated by the Naver Corporation. It was launched in 1999 as the first web portal in South Korea to develop and use its own search engine.

How do I make an account without phone verification? ›

Gmail – Google will let you create an account, and skip the part about entering a phone number, although you must provide birthday and gender.
  2. Click “Create account“
  3. Follow steps (and skip phone number)
  4. Then, agree to Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Is Naver Korean only? ›

Naver is the most used website/app in South Korea, according to Alexa. However, Naver is mostly available in Korean. It is possible to use the Naver search engine in English, Chinese, or Japanese on a smartphone.

Can foreigners use Naver Cafe? ›

Verify Naver Account from Overseas

If you don't have a Korean ID and phone number, you can still verify your Naver account with a foreign ID card (passport or driver's license). STEPS 1 to 3 are identical to the process of verifying from Korea (see above).

Is Naver a safe site? ›

NAVER pledges not only secure services, but also promises to adhere to a global standard of user privacy and data protection.

How to join Naver Cafe for foreigners? ›

most cafés will ask you why you want to join. you have two options here; you could get someone to help you translate, or ask someone to join for you (such as a Korean friend who you trust enough to go into your naver account.)

Why doesn't Naver send me a verification code? ›

Why can't I receive a verification code? Please check if your spam blocker (APP) filtered the SMS. (NAVER's SMS sender number is 1588-3820, which is our official help center number.) We don't send a verification code to virtual phone numbers.


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