Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (2023)

Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (1)

Celebrate Valentine's Day at a traditional bistrot

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Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (2)

Welcome back home, Laëtitia !

Chef Laëtitia Rouabah returns to Allard for an exceptional pop-up !Discover her signature New York dishes

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Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (3)

The Parisian bistro since 1932

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"The friendly and generous cuisine of the bistros is a treasure of the French gastronomy"

Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (4)
Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (5)

The restaurant

For over 80 years, Allard has been one of the most sought after gourmet addresses in Paris

At the first step into the restaurant, the visitor is transported into the world of a genuine bistro. The atmosphere is relaxed, the original decor is jealously preserved and the menu is a promise of all sorts of pleasure. Allard offers a unique experience: to relive with delight the great epoch of bistros. And discover that this happiness remains intact today.

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Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (6)

The menu

The pleasure of rediscovering the great classics of bistro cuisine and exploring the vineyards of Burgundy and elsewhere. On the menu or à la carte, traditional dishes made with the finest seasonal produce and all the love it takes to make you feel happy.

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Menu Allard loves New York Wines Lunch

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Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (11)

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Valentine's day is approaching!Celebrate Valentine's Day at Allard's in a friendly and intimate setting.Surprise your partner and offer an enchanted interlude in our restaurant 💞For the occasion, the chef Laëtitia Rouabah and her team have concocted an exceptional menu: Confit duck foie gras, tangy orange marmelade, Roasted corn-fed chicken from "Les Landes",shaved black truffle... Finish in beauty with our delicious chocolate and passion fruit composition.February 14, 2023 dinner menu120 € excluding drinks180 € with food and wine pairingSee more A slice of our "galette des rois"?With Epiphany 2023 fast approaching, Allard is pleased to present you the « galette des rois » for 2023!For the greatest pleasure of your taste buds, our teams have elaborated a delicious recipe of « galette des rois ».Those with a sweet tooth may find a porcelain bean stamped with the iconic Iron Lady, a unique creation by Bernardaud.The galette des rois is available by the slice until January 15.Who will be the lucky one to stumble upon this lovely porcelain bean signed by Bernardaud? 🤩See more Welcome back home, Laëtitia !Allard is pleased to welcome once again the chef Laëtitia Rouabah !After 6 years as chef at Benoit New York, Laëtitia is making her comeback as head of Allard's kitchens for an exceptional pop-up for a few months, where she already officiated from 2013 to 2016.To mark her arrival, Allard is renewing its menu...If the atmosphere of the restaurant remains the same, the chef will introduce you to some of her favorite New York dishes. On the menu, the Spiced crab cake, sweetcorn soup , the American-style blue lobster, the Beef chuck flap and sweet delights such as the Cheesecake or the S’mores... Typically American dishes executed with the verve, generosity and talent that we know the chef has.Don't worry, Allard's must-try dishes like frog legs and Duck from Challans with olives will of course continue to be offered on the menu !A few words about Laëtitia Rouabah's background...Laëtitia Rouabah began her career with Alain Ducasse in several of his starred establishments :In 2004, she started at the Relais Plaza with Philippe Marc before joining Jocelyn Herland in London at Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester !In 2008, Laëtitia worked at Jules Verne, the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, where she became assistant chef to Pascal Féraud.In 2013, the chef took over the reins of Allard for a few months. From one bistro to another, she landed in New York in 2016, with the mission of gently refreshing the image of Benoit, one of Alain Ducasse's two addresses in the United States with Rivea in Las Vegas.See more 20 divine wines eveningIn June, we propose to you 3 exceptional evenings to (re)discover the richness of the great vineyards of Bourgogne, in the presence of the winemakers of 3 prestigious domains... 3 exceptional dinners to taste some of our bottles on the menu of "20 divine wines".Come and discover theDomaine Taupenot-Merme at Allard's on June 14,Domaine du Château de Marsannay at Rech's on June 22andDomaine Bertagna at Benoit's on June 28during a tasting and a special menu in the presence of the winemakers.Reservation requiredSee more Join the kitchen brigade!Maison Ducasse Paris is proud of all the talents that contribute to your daily experience in its establishments... and invites you to meet them through its new series "Une Maison, des talents". Discover Charlotte Bringant, the Cheffe of the restaurant.At a very young age, Charlotte was attracted to the hotel and restaurant business. After 2 months of business school, Charlotte went to the Belliard high school to study for a BTS and did a refresher course at the Rochester hotel. She prepared breakfasts there and the intense rhythm did not scare her.Alain Pégouret became her mentor at the Laurent. She learns rigour and high standards. After a stint at the Park Hyatt in Paris Vendôme, she realised that even if she was amazed by the starred restaurants, it was not necessarily for her. A personal project followed, as well as work for caterers. She met Pascal Feraud at Spoon 2 and they met again at a reception at the Château de Versailles where he invited her to join the Ducasse group.In 2018, Charlotte applied to Allard and became Fanny Herpin's sous-chef. At his side, she learns tolerance, benevolence and the importance of taking care of her team. In 2020, she moved to Aux Lyonnais and in 2021, Alain Ducasse entrusted her with the reins of Allard.What if our next talent was you?See more Spring on the menuThe first daffodils put their spots of sunshine in the gardens, the day is gaining ground over the night and the swallows are back: yes, that's it, spring is coming. Great news for everyone and especially for cooks.Charlotte Bringant loves this change of season and its procession of new products that she welcomes with enthusiasm on the Allard menu.The queen of the season is asparagus. The reputation of the white variety, Landes asparagus, is well established. Grown on the sandy soils of Gascony, in the mild Atlantic climate, its flavour and texture are absolutely unique. Charlotte offers a plain version, as a starter. And then there is the green asparagus, with a wilder personality and a more pronounced taste. This one, Charlotte mixes it with mushrooms or associates it in a more surprising way with sweetbread.But this beginning of spring has many other gourmet pleasures in store. For example, the first poivrade artichokes, so tender and fragrant, which go wonderfully well with cod. Or even the first wild garlic (the season is short, you have to take advantage of it!) which accompanies the saddle of lamb (another emblematic product of the season). To celebrate the arrival of the first strawberries, Charlotte dares to combine it with foie gras: they bring a very welcome note of freshness. These strawberries, with another seasonal product, rhubarb, also accompany a delicious fermented yogurt ice cream.Yes, definitely, spring is coming and the Allard menu pays a magnificent tribute to it. Another excellent reason to book your table very right now!See more

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Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (18)


41, rue Saint-André-des-Arts
75006 Paris

The Map
+33 1 43 26 48 23

+33 1 43 26 48 23

Open from Monday to Sunday
Lunch from 12 pm to 2 pm
Dinner from 7 pm to 10 pm

Restaurant Allard in Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6, by Alain Ducasse (23)


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